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The Law Offices of Chad Maddox specializes in DUI for Orange County and all of California. We have been exclusively practicing DUI and DMV law for over 20 years, and hold the upper hand over any other criminal attorney in Orange County. While other “DUI Lawyers” regularly take on many types of criminal cases, our focus is solely on DUI driver license defense.

Chad Maddox has proven himself to be one of the best DUI attorneys in California and has earned the respect and referrals of his peers, by achieving countless DUI & DMV victories.

Driving under the Influence of alcohol charges are very serious. If you have been arrested for DUI, you want the most knowledgeable and professional legal representation available to you. Mr. Maddox aggressively represents clients both in the court room, and against the DMV.

Call the Law Offices of Chad Maddox at (714) 695-1500 and speak with Mr. Maddox directly in minutes. We offer free consultations over the phone or in person, that can be very helpful in shedding light on your DUI case. We can meet at one of our many offices in Orange County, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riversidem San Barnardino, a. You stand nothing to lose by calling.

Fight Your DUI License Suspension at the DMV Hearing

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI the DMV has already started the process to suspend your license. You only have 10 days from your arrest (including weekends) to request a DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing (APS Hearing) to fight to keep your license. Without a DUI attorney to represent you, it is next to impossible to win a DMV APS Hearing. Even with a lawyer on your side, the DMV Hearing is still very difficult to win. That’s why you want a DUI specialist, who fully understands what evidence can help or hinder your DMV Hearing, and which evidence brought forth at a DMV hearing can have positive or negative affects on the rest of your pre-trial and DUI trial.

It is not uncommon for criminal defense lawyers to recommend against having a DMV hearing because they think it is “a waste of time”, or they may charge extra to fight your DMV Hearing. At the DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox the DMV hearing is always included in my pre-trial fees, and is used as an important aspect of any DUI defense.Fight Your License Suspension

Appeal the DMV Decision, and Get Your License Back

If you lose your DMV Administrative Per Se Hearing, and subsequently your driver’s license, the next course of action you can take is to file a Writ of Mandate with the court. A writ of mandate basically allows you to, “sue the DMV”. Once a Writ of Mandate has been filed, you can request an Ex Parte Hearing, which is used to request a stay on your license until the hearing for the Writ of Mandate takes place. If you are granted the Ex Parte stay, the courts will order the DMV to reinstate your license until the outcome of the Writ of Mandate is known.

Appeal Your DMV DecisionFiling and fighting a Writ of Mandate is no easy task, yet DUI Attorney Chad Maddox specializes in them; When clients decide to go through with a Writ of Mandate against the DMV, most other attorneys will refer their clients to an attorney who is experienced at winning these Writs. Chad Maddox has built a reputation of effectively appealing DMV license suspensions with Writs of Mandates, to the degree that he is frequently asked to teach other lawyers the best ways to protect their client’s driving privileges. Lawyers from all over the state trust their clients in his capable hands.

DUI Certifications & Memberships

FST training – Certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the Field Sobriety Tests (FST’s). This is the training that every DWI/DUI Lawyer should have.

Breath testing – Certified Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) on the Alco-Sensor IV. It’s the device most likely used in your case if you took a breath test in California.

National College for DUI Defense – A Long standing Member, Chad Maddox has been asked to speak at seminars filled with criminal defense attorneys many times. Mr. Maddox is considered an expert on the subject of California DUIs and DMV Writs of Mandates.

CA DUI Lawyers Association – Member & Completed Advanced DUI Training Seminar.DUI Attorney Awards

One of the Most Sought After California DUI Attorneys for:

  • Orange County DUI charges
  • Suspended License Appeals / Reinstatement
  • California DMV Writs of Mandate
  • California Supreme Court Appeals

Why Hire a DUI Lawyer?

a dui can land you in prison. An expert dui lawyer in orange count can get you out.The seriousness of a DUI conviction can not be overstated. The negative impact on your life is very large, especially if prior drunk driving convictions are on your driving record. One or more DUI/s can change your life; financially, socially, and legally. It is vital to realize with the knowledge and representation of a expert DUI lawyer, your chances of avoiding excess penalties and unnecessary punishments is greatly increased.

When searching for a Orange County DUI attorney, track record and experience should not be overlooked. We understand the intricacies of a DUI arrest, the DUI court process, and DMV APS Hearings. We welcome the opportunity to protect our clients’ rights, licenses, and freedom. We acknowledge that no two DUI cases are the same, and that you are an individual who deserves unique representation, and that is what we bring to the table. At the Law Offices of Chad Maddox your needs and concerns are critical and that is why our staff looks closely at each case to ensures every client receives the absolute best defense possible.

The Most Common Mistake in Hiring A DUI Lawyer

When searching for and hiring a DUI attorney you must always be aware of what you are getting. While some attorneys may be qualified in criminal defense, they may not have the credentials for DUI defense. If the lawyer you are looking into, is a criminal defense lawyer, but does not focus on drunk driving offenses, that attorney will not have the skills or qualifications to give you the best possible representation for your DUI charges. These factors must be considered when making the choice of who to hire to defend you. For the last 13 years, DUI Attorney Chad Maddox has only represented clients facing DUIs.