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In 2015, Orange County DUI’s Drop

2015 DUI Arrests Drop

DUI arrests are dropping in Orange County

In Orange County, 2015 saw less DUI arrests, but slightly more crashes for the entirety of the year. The drop in Orange County DUI arrests is likely correlated to police running less DUI patrols and checkpoints, as well as the development/popularity of ride sharing smartphone applications.

Unfortunately, there was a troubling trend that began to form in 2015. We saw more DUI crashes involve people who were under the influence of drugs, instead of alcohol.

Fountain Valley Police Chief Daniel S. Llorens was quoted as saying, “I am anxious about increased driving by persons using prescription medication and/or marijuana in addition to alcohol. Both create a synergistic effect when combined with even a modest amount of alcohol that could easily lead to poor driving decisions.”

Drunk driving arrests have dropped 26 percent in Orange County from where they were historically high between the years 2008-2013, according to recently released figures. State-wide, California has seen DUI arrests drop 25 percent.

Still driving under the influence?

DUI ArrestThe Orange County Sheriff’s Department recorded 1,392 DUI incident reports last year and 1,180 reports in 2015 (as of December 28th).

  • Downtown Fullerton’s bar setting resulted in 721 DUI arrests through November 2014 versus the 623 through November of this year, as stated by Fullerton Police Chief Dan Hughes.

Fullerton conducts at least five checkpoints and 90 saturation patrols a year.

  • Santa Ana received 807 DUI arrests last year versus the 704 through the first week of December this year, as stated by Corporal Anthony Bertagna.

Santa Ana ran 21 checkpoints last year, resulting in 115 arrests; it ran 16 this year, resulting in 62 arrests.

  • Fountain Valley has seen 66 less DUI arrests this year. They recorded 201 DUI arrests in 2014 and were at 135 in 2015, with only a few days left to go.

Some cities reported more DUI arrests in 2015. In Newport Beach, Tustin and Brea more people had been arrested through November of this year than they had in all of 2014, officials stated.

Anaheim’s DUI arrests rose from 555 in 2014 to 563 to date in 2015, as reported by Sgt. Daron Wyatt. The city of Anaheim runs around 10 checkpoints a year, which resulted in 5 DUI arrests last year. They saw the most success utilizing 64 “saturation patrols” this year, which netted 84 arrests.

Some theories as to why DUI arrests have dropped in 2015 point to ride-sharing applications, such as Uber and Lyft.

“It makes it so much easier to not have to drive,” said Anaheim’s Wyatt. “You can get a ride to the bar and home from the bar – there are all kinds of programs out there and available. No one has to drink and drive.”

In 2014, the free California Office of Traffic Safety unveiled its Designated Driver VIP mobile app, which advertised exclusive discounts and offers to designated drivers at participating bars and restaurants. The app can be used to find local businesses that participate, then allows the user to order a ride from Lyft, Uber, or Curb, all from the same screen.

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