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Aldon Smith Arrested For 3rd DUI

NFL Linebacker Aldon Smith Arrested for 3rd DUI

NFL Player 3rd DUI ArrestThe San Francisco 49ers had their star linebacker Aldon Smith arrested Thursday night (8/6) on hit and run, vandalism, and driving under the influence charges, as reported by police in Santa Clara, California. Aldon Smith was booked into the Santa Clara County jail, with a $26,000 bond, before he was released last Friday. This latest DUI arrest is the third for Smith since he entered the NFL in 2011. Smith was arrested for DUI in January of 2012, but the charge was later reduced to reckless driving. That same year, Smith faced three felony weapons charges stemming from a house party he had thrown at his home. According to police reports, two partygoers were injured and Smith was stabbed. After pleading not guilty, the weapons charges were eventually reduced. Smith’s second DUI arrest came after an accident in September of 2013. After this incident, he entered a rehabilitation clinic and missed five games of that NFL season. In July of 2014, stemming from his 2013 DUI arrest, Smith was sentenced to an 11 day work release program in Santa Clara.

Former 49er Charles Haley was reported as saying, “I don’t know how it affects his career, but it’s more important about the man — and I told him I’ll always be there for him. I’m just sorry that he has to go through this.” Haley continued, “All I know is that the kid has a big heart; he’s got some things he’s got to work through, and I’m just mad that I couldn’t help him get through it.”

Hours after last Thursday’s DUI arrest Smith was released by the San Francisco 49ers. According to sources, Smith met with 49ers GM Trent Baalke to discuss the latest DUI incident and refused to accept responsibility.

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