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DUI Mobile Command Units

A new method to curbing drinking and driving incidences has been popping up all over the country. Law Enforcement officials all across the nation have been utilizing more mobile command units than ever before.

Mobile Command units typically range anywhere from 100,00 to 150,000 dollars and they are being pursued because they give local law enforcement the availability to have DUI response teams set up in more immediate and efficient places to stop drinking and driving. More and more people are seeing these “Command Units” set-up at public events such as fairs or concerts. The main goal of law enforcement officials running the DUI Mobile Units is to have the ability to process intoxicated individuals at the scene of the drinking before they get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

These mobile command units are built to do a number of things. Those who are intoxicated can be brought into the unit where officers can run various inspections such as: giving a breathalyzer test, taking blood tests, and having urine tests completed as well; while these are not the only examinations that can be given to determine whether a person is intoxicated or not, they are the most likely to be administered.

These Mobile Command Units are gaining popularity because the simple sight of them deters drinking and driving. Law enforcement is supportive of such tactics because they make not only the processing of drunk individuals faster, but also easier, as these command units contain many more tools than any one single patrol car can.

The mobility of these DUI Command units is also helping their popularity. They are easy to move from one side of town to the other, and do not require nearly as much work as normal checkpoints do.

When drinking in public, it is important to realize that these mobile units are there to deter drinking and driving. If you are in the vicinity of a DUI Command Unit make sure to be aware of your rights. These DUI Command Units are gaining in popularity and seem to be here to stay.

While the irony of this suspected DUI crash can be found comical, it only goes to reaffirm the need of these DUI mobile command centers in the eyes of law enforcement, and remind us all how serious a matter drunk driving is.

drunk driver crashed into dui mobile command center