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DUI Suspended License Attorney

DUI Suspended License LawyerYour license is being suspended for a DUI, Now What?

Don’t let a DUI be the end of your; career, financial security, or freedom.

You need to be represented by a suspended license attorney who truly specializes in fighting DUIs.

Your license suspension could be: reduced, postponed, or even dismissed!

You don’t have to accept the outcome of your DMV hearing, you can fight your suspension for Driving Under the Influence!

Call (714) 695-1500, and speak with Mr. Maddox in just minutes. Your free consultation could shed light on your situation.

Everybody makes mistakes, including the Police Officers who arrested you for Driving Under the Influence

If your arrest wasn’t performed by the book, or if the evidence against you wasn’t collected correctly, it could lead to your evidence being thrown out, or even the dismissal of your case!

Get DUI Evidence Thrown Out Because of Lousy Police Work

    The highest standards must be held for police officers.

  • Was the equipment used by police properly calibrated?
    • Breath machines need to be calibrated every 10 days or every 150 uses.
    • Blood samples need to have the proper amount of anticoagulant added to it, to be usable in court.
  • Did police followed proper procedure throughout your stop & arrest?
    • Did the officer make a legal stop?
    • Did the officer observe you for 15 minutes before your breath test?
    • Did the officer perform a legal search?
  • Review your arrest report.
    • Find inconsistencies between the officer’s story and case evidence.

Using an expert DUI lawyer, takes the challenge out of defending your license, and going to court.

  • Don’t spend time in court, when it doesn’t help your case.
  • Have your own case investigated by an expert.
  • Let someone who defends DUIs everyday, defend your DUI.
  • Be kept informed as the case progresses.
  • Be represented for one flat rate.
  • Subpoena your; case evidence, witnesses, and/or the arresting officer.
  • Have your case questions answered at any time.
  • Get peace of mind knowing that your rights are being protected by one of the best in the industry.

Orange County Suspended License LawyerChad Maddox, the leader in Orange County DUI license defense

    15 years of legal practice, focused on:

  1. Aggressive defense from DUI charges.
  2. Driver license defense from DUI suspensions:
    • Many criminal defense lawyers understand how difficult, and time-consuming  it is to appeal a DMV decision. That is why they choose not to attempt it.
    • Chad Maddox on the other hand, gladly welcomes this challenge, and now specializes in filing DMV Writs of Mandate(appealing the DMV imposed suspensions).
  3. Educating fellow criminal attorneys.
    Chad shares his expertise with fighting the DMV over his client’s license suspensions, with the legal community. He has lectured for organizations like:

    • California DUI Lawyers Association
    • West Orange County Bar Association
    • San Diego Lawyers Association

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in California, time is not on your side.
Take the first step in your own defense, today, call the DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox (714) 695-1500.