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Fighting a DUI

    When you get arrested for DUI, the State begins TWO cases against you. One is a criminal case in the courts; the other is an administrative action by the DMV.

    • Each can result in a license suspension.
    • Each have different methods of defense.
    • The criminal case and DMV administrative action are independent of each other. One action can happen without the other.

How to defend a drivers license from the DMV after you’ve been arrested for a DUI:

  1. Schedule a DMV hearing – You only have 10 days after your arrest (including weekends & holidays) to schedule a hearing and defend your license.
  2. Hire an attorney to examine arrest records for irregularities and/or procedural errors that can result in you WINNING YOUR DMV CASE!
    • Did the officer violate your constitutional rights when he stopped you?
    • Did your lab results get handled with proper procedure?
    • Does the evidence indicate a possible “rising blood alcohol” defense?
  3. If the DMV suspends your license, you still have options!
    1. Challenge the decision of the DMV in the Superior Court – The judge can overrule the DMV’s decision.
    2. Drive to, from, & during work with a restricted license.

Fighting an Orange County DUI License Suspension

How to defend a drivers license from the Courts after you’ve been arrested for a DUI:

  1. The best way to avoid this additional suspension is to hire a DUI attorney.
  2. An experienced DUI attorney will:
    • Make all court appearances on your behalf.
    • Examine your arrest report and evidence for errors made by police and/or lab technicians.
    • Explore all possible defenses, such as:
      1. You were not driving.
      2. You were not impaired at the time of driving
      3. You BAC was under the legal limit at the time of driving
      4. You were stopped in violation of your constitutional rights
      5. Your arrest was unlawful

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