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Finding a Great Orange County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

Many people use the Internet to easily compare the experience and specialty of local drunk-driving attorneys. Most attorney websites should provide answers to the following questions:
• How long has the attorney been practicing criminal defense?
• How long has the attorney been representing drunk driving defendants?
• Does the attorney specialize in drunk driving cases?
• Does the website show that the attorney specializes in drunk driving cases? Look for things like membership in bar associations, board certifications, and publishing or speaking engagements about drunk driving cases.

Referrals from people you know, other attorneys, and court employees may also be useful.

You can represent yourself, but it is not recommended that you do so. It is usually not wise to represent yourself because:
• The prosecutor will have no motive to make a fair plea bargain;
• You don’t know anything about the court’s procedural rules; and
• You may not be able to appreciate whether you have a good or bad defense.

When you first meet with your Orange County drunk driving defense attorney, be sure to discuss in detail all the financial arrangements, such as:
• What is the attorney’s fee?
• What does the fee cover?
• Does the fee cover any hearings regarding your driver’s license?
• Does the fee include trial, appeal, or post-conviction relief? If not, what will the fee for those be?
• Does the fee cover the situation where the case is dismissed and the prosecution refiles the charges?
• What additional out-of-pocket expenses apply?

A drunk driving arrest is a serious matter. For the best advice about your case, contact experienced Orange County drunk driving defense attorney Chad Maddox today for a free initial consultation.