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Drinking Creates Tolerances

One of the many issues that Orange County drunk driving attorneys encounter from case to case is tolerance. Alcohol affects each person differently, particularly those persons who are habitual drinkers or have developed some kind of tolerance to alcohol.


What Causes Tolerance?

Tolerance can result either from a metabolic change in your body or an adaptation of your nervous system. If your body has developed a tolerance to alcohol, it is because your body’s tissues are not as responsive to alcohol as they originally were. Tolerance can also be the result of your body causing less alcohol to spread to the areas of your body that are typically affected whenever you drink.

Tolerance can generally be characterized by the following:

  • If you repeatedly drink the same amount of alcohol, the effects of the alcohol decrease; or
  • The original effects of drinking can be reached by increasing the amount of alcohol that you have been drinking.


Different Kinds of Tolerance

Orange County drunk driving lawyers encounter different kinds of tolerance as well. Below are examples of the different types.


Behavioral tolerance happens when you have learned to suppress the visible effects of intoxication. This is developed through the repeated engagement of the same physical activities every time you are experiencing the effects of alcohol.


Acute tolerance happens when you are less impaired at the same blood alcohol concentration (BAC) during the time your body is eliminating alcohol from your system than during the time that your body is absorbing it into your bloodstream.


Acquired tolerance can happen when your body’s cells become resistant to the effects of alcohol (more specifically known as cellular tolerance) or the way the body absorbs, distributes, and eliminates alcohol is altered (otherwise known as dispositional tolerance).

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