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Getting pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Huntington Beach can be a scary experience. When charged with a DUI in Huntington Beach you can be facing jail time, loss of driving privilege, added fines, and court ordered programs. Going through this process without legal representation is not advised?

The job of the DA is to make the punishment for every drunk driver as painful as possible. If you let them, the prosecutors will seek out the harshest maximums possible. Their thinking behind this; is handing out strict punishments will reduce the number of DUIs in the future. Not everyone convicted of a DUI deserves the same punishments.

Drinking and driving leads to going to jailFor example, even though incarceration is almost always avoidable for 1st time offenders with a DUI attorney defending you, the DA will often recommend to the judge, that you serve jail time for your DUI. A knowledgeable DUI lawyer can be the difference between a jail sentence, thousands of dollars in fines and restitution and having your case completely dismissed.

Your DUI Case could be Dismissed!

Drinking and driving leads to going to jailThe testing devices used to confirm driving under the influence can be poorly maintained or even inappropriately applied during the traffic stop. An experienced Huntington Beach DUI Lawyer, who has been trained on the exact equipment and procedures of a DUI investigation, will be able to find the holes in the evidence of your case.

Have a DUI lawyer perform an investigation on your behalf, if the use of faulty equipment, or incorrect police procedure can be discovered, a dismissal may be possible.

Do the right thing, and pursue legal representation with the DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox.

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If faced with the choice, no one would choose to face the court system without some sort of legal representation. Trying to defend your rights without a professional DUI attorney is almost impossible. The prosecution has one goal in mind, getting the conviction; and unfortunately, they have a plethora of tools at their disposal. The prosecution has the support of law enforcement and various state resources from lab and DUI investigators.

The Law Offices of Chad Maddox has the experience and knowledge to defend your DUI case. After exclusively practicing DUI law for over 13 years, they hold the upper hand over any other criminal attorney in Orange County. Never waver, representation is in your favor.