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Being arrested for DUI is a life altering event. It affects not only you personally, but your loved ones as well. Receiving the proper representation from an Irvine DUI attorney that specializes in DUI defense and license suspensions is crucial to a successful defense. I have been solely defending Driving Under the Influence charges throughout the state of California for more than 13 years. I have time and time again refused to take on any case that is not DUI, or license related.

I only defend one kind of crime, and that has made me one of the most experienced DUI attorneys in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Protect Your Driver’s License

DUI arrest When first arrested for DUI, you have exactly 10 days (counting weekends and holidays), to schedule an APS Hearing with the DMV to fight their mandatory license suspension. Even if the DMV takes your license away at your Hearing, there are several tactics available to still keep your driving privilege.

Depending on the facts surrounding your arrest, your DUI attorney will be able to advise you on the best course of action. My Law Office deals with DUI cases exclusively and I am well known for achieving successes at APS Hearings, and DMV Writs (appealing and suing the DMV to retain my client’s right to drive).

Get Legal Representation

Without proper representation, the prosecution will have full control over your case and your future. Why would you leave your future in the hands of anyone but an experienced Irvine DUI attorney? Contacting my DUI Law Offices immediately after a DUI arrest is not only the smart thing to do, it is the right thing to do.

Most attorneys who categorize themselves as “DUI lawyers” regularly defend many other types of criminal law and because of this they can not match the focus and specialization that I can. No case or evidence is perfect, which is why having the most experienced and specialized attorney to represent you is a necessity when fighting your drunk driving charge.

Never waver, quality legal representation is in your favor.