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Los Angeles DUI

Los Angeles DUI Arrest

Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles?

DUI Attorney Chad Maddox has been defending his clients from DUI charges in Los Angeles for over 13 years to date. Mr. Maddox has extensive experience with California DUI laws, field sobriety and breath tests, criminal punishment/the criminal court system, and challenging DMV driver’s license suspensions.

DUI Convictions in Los Angeles County

Receiving a DUI conviction can be life altering. Penalties include thousands of dollars in fines, being placed on probation, mandatory attendance in DUI classes, increases in your insurance costs and the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Depending on the circumstances of your arrest, you may even be incarcerated in a county jail or state prison.

  1. The best way to avoid these costly penalties is to hire a DUI attorney.
  2. An experienced DUI attorney will:
    • Make all court appearances on your behalf.
    • Examine your arrest report and evidence for errors made by police and/or lab technicians.
    • Explore all possible defenses, such as:
      1. You were not driving.
      2. You were not impaired at the time of driving
      3. You BAC was under the legal limit at the time of driving
      4. You were stopped in violation of your constitutional rights
      5. Your arrest was unlawful

Protect Your License

If you’ve been arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County, there are two separate issues which must be addressed as soon as possible. There is the criminal portion of the case which is handled by the Superior Court however and the case that determines whether or not your license will be suspended which must be handled before the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If the DMV suspends your license, you still have options!

  1. Challenge the decision of the DMV in the Superior Court – The judge can overrule the DMV’s decision.
  2. Drive to, from, & during work with a restricted license.

How can we defend you?

Everybody can make a mistake. This includes the Police Officers who arrested you for driving under the influence. If your arrest wasn’t performed EXACTLY by the books, or if the evidence against you was collected incorrectly, it could lead to the evidence being thrown out, or even the dismissal of your entire DUI charge!

We review everything that happened during and after your arrest.

  1. Was the equipment used by police properly calibrated?
  2. Did police followed proper procedure throughout your stop & arrest?
  3. Did the officer make a legal stop?
  4. Did the officer observe you for 15 minutes before your breath test?
  5. Did the officer perform a legal search?

An Aggressive Defense against DUI

There are over 50 reasons blood and breath tests can be wrong. All evidence is examined and all law enforcement actions are questioned.

DUI Attorney Chad Maddox has the legal knowledge and experience required to effectively handle your DUI charge. He has spent years successfully defending people against DUI charges in Los Angeles and throughout California. Every case is unique. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to get your DUI charge dismissed.

At the Law Offices of Chad Maddox we don’t just promise exceptional service, we deliver it. Contact Mr. Maddox today for a free initial consultation. Protect your rights and fight your DUI charge!