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New Jersey Officer involved in DUI accident, Kills 2

Off-Duty Police Officer charged in DUI crash

Pedro Abad, the New Jersey Police Officer who was involved in a fatal DUI crash last week, had previously had his license suspended for driving under the influence when he refused to submit to any sobriety tests after he crashed his vehicle in Rahway, New Jersey in February 2013.

New Jersey Office DUI, DUI Attorney
Last Friday, Abad was behind the wheel when he, fellow officers Frank Viggiano, Patrik Kudlac, and civilian Joseph Rodriguez left Curves Gentlemen’s in Staten Island. According to reports, Pedro Abad drove the wrong way on the West Shore Expressway, eventually crashing into an 18-wheeler.

Abad’s Honda Civic was totaled, and officer Frank Viggiano as well as civilian Joseph Rodriguez, were killed. Abad and Kudlac were extracted from the vehicle alive, but both are in critical condition. Brandon Lee Getz, the driver of the 18-wheeler, tried to swerve his big rig out of the path of the wayward sedan, but was unable to avoid it, authorities have said.

Several hours before the crash, Pedro Abad and the rest of the men were at a sports bar, where Abad posted a photograph of the group drinking. After the sports bar they drove to Staten Island and spent several hours at the Gentlemen’s strip club before they started on their drive home, when the fatal accident happened.

Additional Information: NJ Officer had previous DUI

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