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Newport Beach can be an exciting place to live or visit with friends and family. DUIs can be common in the city of Newport Beach because of the police department’s crack down on drinking and driving. If you’re charged with a DUI, you should seek proper legal representation immediately. The DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox have been practicing DUI law for over 13 years, and understand what it takes to contend a drinking and driving charge, and what it takes to fight the DMV. Contacting a Newport Beach DUI Lawyer is imperative to your case’s success, and may be the difference between having your license suspended for a full year or having your case dismissed entirely.

Newport Beach DUI

Save your Driver’s License

When arrested for a DUI in Newport Beach you have 10 days to schedule a DMV hearing. The DUI Law Offices of Chad Maddox knows that even though a that hearing can be very hard to win, evidence shown at DMV hearing can have a positive affect on the rest of your DUI process.

We have an extensive history fighting DMV license suspensions and will fight to keep your license in your hands and out of theirs. 

There are a number of different factors we review in order to challenge the DMV.

  1. Did the officer violate your constitutional rights when he stopped you?
  2. Did your lab results get handled with proper procedure?
  3. Does the evidence indicate a possible “rising blood alcohol” defense?

Arrested at a Sobriety Checkpoint?

  • Was the Sobriety Checkpoint lawful?

The sobriety checkpoint must be placed in an area with proper safety procedures.

  • Was the checkpoint visible or was it obscured?
  • Were you pursued after you changed directions to avoid the checkpoint?

Law enforcement officers may not force drivers to enter the checkpoint and may not pursue drivers if they change directions legally!

If the DMV suspends your license, you still have options!

Challenge the decision of the DMV in the Superior Court – The judge can overrule the DMV’s decision. In a worst case scenario, we can help you receive a restricted license so you are able to drive to and from work, school, or any other important locations in your life!

A quality Newport Beach DUI attorney should not only assist you in dealing with your driving under the influence charge, but they should also defend you at a DMV hearing, and counsel you on whether a trial and/or Writ of Mandate is your best course of action.

DUI Attorney in Newport Beach

Legal counsel should never be ignored when your life is in the balance. Contacting an experienced DUI attorney is key. Call to set-up a free consultation and speak with Mr. Maddox personally in just minutes.