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Signs of Drunkenness: A Flushed Face

There are a variety of causes for people to have a rosy skin tone, the most obvious of which is that your face always appears to have a reddish hue. Even if your complexion is not typically red, there are still plenty of other reasons for having a flushed appearance. For instance, getting sunburned can redden your skin. Also, for those who wear makeup, blush can be used as part of their makeup regimen, which can also make the cheeks appear to be rosy.

Furthermore, when people get embarrassed, mad, or scared, they may end up with a flushed face. And in the cases of those who have been stopped by a police officer, it would not be uncommon for them to be upset or nervous when they are confronted, and accordingly, they will experience a quick flow of blood to the face.

During the cross examination of the police officer involved with your case, a skilled Orange County drunk driving defense attorney might want to watch to see whether the officer ever becomes embarrassed about something during his or her examination. For instance, if the officer misspells a word on a drawing or forgets the prosecutor’s name, he or she may become embarrassed and experience a flushed face due to the pressure of the embarrassment. Should that happen, it would be an excellent time for your attorney to ask the officer about perfectly sober people experiencing a flushed face.

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