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Techniques Your Attorney May Use to Deal with Evidence

If you have been charged with drunk driving because you performed poorly on a field sobriety test, your skilled Orange County drunk driving defense attorney may be able to diminish its bad affect by drawing a contrast with something far more harmful that did not actually happen. For instance, if you stumbled while you were attempting to “walk the line,” your attorney might make inquiry of the officer with questions such as, “Did Mr. Smith grab you for support?” or “Mr. Smith simply had a misstep, right?” These reduction methods give your attorney a means by which he or she can approach unfavorable or bad evidence.

Another technique that your attorney may choose to utilize involves the use of impeachment evidence. If your lawyer has such evidence, he or she may decide to introduce it early on when cross-examining of the arresting officer. Doing so will decrease the officer’s credibility for the rest of his questioning.

Additionally, your attorney may propose to the jury that there is possibly police officer bias; he or she will question the officer about whether or not he gets paid overtime for his testimony. If the particular officer at your trial has a track record of arresting DUI suspects in questionable cases, it is highly likely that those cases will be asked about in court, which means more overtime for the officer.

Keep in mind, though, that convincing a jury of officer bias will be a difficult task; thus, your attorney will most likely only hint at this. Still, even if the jury does not believe that the officer is possibly biased, making the inquiry about the officer’s overtime pay will at least reduce some of the impact when your expert is asked the predictable question about his or her fee.

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