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Preservation of DUI Evidence

One of the first things that your knowledgeable Costa Mesa DUI lawyer should do when getting your case ready for trial is to ensure that the scene (along with any evidence that might exist) is secured. When you speak with your attorney, he or she will likely advise you to go back to the place where you took the field sobriety tests and take pictures of the location. Your Orange County lawyer will probably have his or her investigator go with you, if at all possible. Getting pictures of the test location is important, because almost all police reports assert that the area where the field sobriety tests were given was flat and level; however, that is typically not the case.

The majority of field sobriety tests are given either on the side of the road or on a sidewalk, and it’s a known fact that most roads are crowned and most sidewalks are sloped in order to assist with water runoff. Additionally, you and the investigator should also look to see what the lighting conditions were in the area.

Something else that your well-versed Orange County DUI lawyer might ask you is whether or not you made any phone calls from jail. This is important because such calls tend to be made late at night and the person being called is usually asleep; thus, it is highly possible that some or all of the call might have been recorded on someone’s answering machine or voicemail. If any part of the conversation is on the recorder, you should seek to obtain and secure that recording as soon as possible because that recording may show that your speech was not slurred at all. When such evidence is available, it proves to be quite significant when fighting any claims of slurred speech.

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