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Non-Standard DUI Tests


According to a research study, the consumption of alcohol, at any level, results in objective changes in a person’s handwriting. However, this conclusion alone is insufficient to measure accurately the blood alcohol content (BAC) of the person providing the handwriting sample, as your Orange County DUI attorney can explain.

In fact, there may be some doubt as to whether or not handwriting is a reliable indicator of alcohol consumption on any level.  For example, one study measured a sampling of 35 individuals who had provided writing samples both before and after the consumption of alcohol.  The researchers’ conclusion: handwriting can not be used as a measure of the BAC of the writer.

Hand pat

This test involves placing one hand in front of you, palm up.  The other hand is placed on top of that hand, palm down. You are instructed by the officer to then:

1. Pat the bottom hand with the top hand;

2. Rotate the top hand so the back of the top hand faces the bottom hand and pat again;

3. Keep doing so alternatively, all the while increasing the speed as instructed until told to stop.

An Orange County DUI attorney understands this is a test that is designed to fail.  Even a completely sober individual may eventually double pat or roll their hand instead of patting one time smoothly as the speed of the rotation increases during the test.

Picking up coins

As with the hand pat test, picking up coins does not involve balancing on a person’s legs, and therefore may be employed if the subject has told the officer he or she has some back, knee, or leg affliction.

It involves instructing the subject to use one hand to pick up multiple coins from a flat surface, such as the hood of a car.  This test, just as the hand pat test, has earned no scientifically validated support as an accurate prediction of sobriety or BAC.

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