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Will I go to jail for a DUI?

DUI Arrest Jail

A drunk driving offense is not a slap on the wrist, it is a criminal charge in California. Because of this, it is possible that your DUI arrest could lead to jail time.

If you have been arrested for DUI recently, it is important you understand what can lead to your incarceration. Each case differs considerably, and extenuating circumstances as well as different judges can impact your final judgement.

Being Arrested for DUI

Some judges prefer to sentence a DUI offender to probation rather than jail time. Others are known for granting plea bargains that result in reduced charges for the offender.

With the right Orange County DUI attorney defending your rights, you could get a more favorable outcome versus going into the case alone. California statutes have set maximum jail time for the various DUI offenses.

Below is information on what could happen under certain circumstances:

1st DUI: If there were no aggravating factors, including causing injury to others, worst case scenario is you could face up to six months in county jail.

2nd DUI: If this is your second DUI arrest and your prior DUI occurred less than 10 years ago, you could be facing a minimum of 96 hours in jail and up to one year in county jail.

3rd DUI: 3 DUI offenses in less than 10 years mean you may face a minimum of four months to one year in jail.

DUI Defense in Orange County

These legal guidelines help to explain the amount of jail time that you can be sentenced to for each DUI charge. Take Note: This does not mean your first DUI will result in six months of jail. In many DUI cases, defendants working with an Orange County DUI Attorney receive little to no jail time and alternatively are offered a plea bargain to a lesser charge.

If you are concerned about going to jail after being arrested for DUI in Orange County, you need to contact the Law Offices of Chad Maddox right away. With over 15 years as a DUI Defense Attorney, you are guaranteed the best representation Orange County can offer. Call today for a free initial consultation!