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Woman Charged with Child Endangerment

In Anaheim California, a 24 year old woman was charged with DUI and child endangerment when she crashed into a parked car, injuring her four year old passenger as well as herself. Since the child was a passenger in the vehicle when the Anaheim DUI accident happened, enhanced penalties and fines may be included. The law states that because the child was under the age of 14 when the accident occurred, 48 hours of enhanced jail time may be included in her punishment as well as increased monetary fines and penalties. The defense of this case should be handled by an experienced Orange County DUI attorney.

These penalties would of course only be added after the conviction of driving under the influence (Vehicle Code Section 23152), and would be nullified if the conviction was not made. DUI Jail time is enhanced, as well as the penalties imposed for each successive DUI conviction. The child endangerment charge (Penal Code section 273a), gives the prosecuting attorney the right to file charges as either a felony or misdemeanor depending on; past criminal history of the person involved, and the circumstances surrounding the incident.
Some charges associated with a misdemeanor child endangerment conviction, are as follows:
1. Up to one year in a county jail
2. A minimum of 4 years informal probation
3. Fines up to $1,000
4. A year of child abuser’s treatment program
5. Alcohol and drug rehab, if endangerment occurred under the influence

Even worse is being convicted of felony child endangerment. The punishments can range from:
1. State prison 2-6 years
2. 10,000 dollars in fines and penalties
3. A possible strike on your criminal record.

Drinking and driving is a serious offense, but it can be made worse when a child is involved. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI or any other alcohol related charges, you want an expert Anaheim DUI Lawyer on your side.