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Gender & GI Tract

As with any criminal defense, there are a number of time-tested DUI defense tactics that your Orange County DUI lawyer can employ to help save you from hefty fines and extensive jail time. If you were recently charged the crime of driving while intoxicated, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced Irvine DUI attorneys as quickly as possible in order to get started on your case. By commencing your DUI defense as soon as possible after the arrest, all witnesses will have the events fresh in their minds and will be able to recall the night in question more easily than would be possible by waiting many months.

One important defensive argument involves producing facts relevant to alcohol absorption rates in women versus men. If you happen to be female, alcohol is absorbed into your blood stream at a much faster rate than males, thus leading to a higher blood alcohol content which may not be indicative of your inebriation or how many drinks your consumed. These differences are attributed to variations in size, weight and body composition. It has also been suggested that the enzyme “dehydrogenase” responsible for breaking down alcohol is lower in women than men.

Since alcohol is absorbed through the stomach, a DUI defendant with stomach or intestinal issues may wish to raise these arguments in defense of a finding of intoxication. Any number of physiological changes such as stress, fear, disease or surgery could lead to faster-than-normal absorption rates and a blood alcohol content reading which does not accurately depict the suspect’s alcohol consumption. Those with ulcers or other stomach ailments could have an impact on your blood alcohol content as the alcohol will absorb faster than it would in a person not facing such issues.

If you would like to meet with an Irvine DUI lawyer to discuss your case, contact the law office of Chad Maddox today. We can review the facts of your charge and arrest and help you determine the best course of action for your DUI defense.